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Height: 5"7   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Black

I am a Bay Area based artist who finds liberation through honest and radical story-telling. I first explored acting through the Queer Women Of Color Media Arts Project, which is based in San Francisco but leads workshops all over the world. Almost directly after, I experienced my first prominent screen acting role as a lead actor in Dyke Central, the Bay Area's first Queer web series, . I was later cast in a supporting role in Jewelle Gomez's Leaving the Blues, 2017; an unforgettable introduction to acting in theater.  In 2018 I then landed my first lead role in WAAFRIKA 123 by Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko at TheatreFirst. These necessary firsts have been so important in shaping my confidence as a Transmasculine actor and they have showed me there is space for me on stage and in theatre. 



3Girls Theater Company   |   The Gay Divorce Play  |   2019  |   Lead Actor

TheatreFirst   |  WAAFRIKA 1,2,3   |   2018  |   Lead Actor

New Conservatory Theatre Center  | Leaving the Blues |   2017  |   Supporting Actor


San Francisco State University   |   Custom Greeting  |   2019  |   Lead Actor

 San Francisco State University |  Dropping Penny  |   2018  | Supporting Actor

Mynah Films   |   Dyke Central   |   2017  |  Lead Actor

Staged Readings

Crowded Fire Theater   |  Shipping and Handling   |   2019  |   Actor

Cuttingball Theater   |   Zoohouse   |   2019  |   Actor

Z Space   |   Refuge   |   2018  |  Lead Actor

Playwrights Foundation   |   Suspension   |   2018  |   Actor

 Training & Workshops 

Crowded Fire Theater   |   Audition Intensive  |   Mina Morita

TheatreFirst   |   Movement and Character Study   |   Stephen Buescher

 Special Skills 

I have a joint MA degree in English and Comparative Literature. I love reading as much as I love acting. I am a super nerd when it comes to scene and script work. 



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